Slam Competition For Road Safety 2022

Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail
in collaboration with
The Mauritius Film Development Corporation (MFDC)
1. Background

This year’s World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims carried the message “We do NOT want more victims to remember, we want to live our lives TOGETHER.” To promote such a strong slogan, the Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail in collaboration with the Mauritius Film Development Corporation wishes to stage a first-time concept, Road Safety Slam Competition 2022 through video recording. An initiative in sensitizing all road users (pedestrian, cyclist, riders and drivers) about courtesy and safety while being on the road. An original approach, in using videography and other Visual Effects (VFX) and a state-of-the-art delivery.

The essences of this Slam Competition pivot on the Power of Words written by participants to ignite the awareness of road users. The slam will be recorded by the MFDC.  Undeniably, with Visual Effects, giving a much-elaborated perspective of the content presented by the participants, shall create an unbounded effect be it on viewers and road users.

2. Overview of the Road Safety Slam Competition

The theme for the Road Safety Slam Competition focus on the slogan “We do NOT want more victims to remember, we want to live our lives TOGETHER.” This Slam Competition would translate emotions and ideas in verses to promote the slogan. It is not just the people in the accident who suffer and need to recover, but the family members and loved ones also see their lives change like day into night and thus we do not want to live such painful experiences, instead we want to live with you.  It is better to be safe, it is better to follow traffic rules, if not for your own sake but for the sake of those who love us and care for us.

The main causes of road accidents are related to road users’ bad behaviors and careless driving on the road. More courtesy, care, and respect from road users would help improve road safety and reduce the road toll. The effects of road accidents and how those who have experienced a road accident can feel the shock in different circumstances such as; the losses of a closed one, injuries leading to physical discomfort, and posttraumatic stress long after the actual event.

Thus the messages in the Slam Competition should reinforce the importance of road safety in Mauritius.

3. Aims and Objectives of the Road Safety Slam Competition

Through the slogan “We do NOT want more victims to remember, we want to live our lives TOGETHER”, the competition aims to:

  • Promote good road safety practices
  • Raise road safety awareness campaigns for all Road Users (pedestrians, cyclists, riders, and drivers).
  • Promote messages that will warn of the dangers and consequences of drunk/drug driving/riding, speeding, careless driving, not wearing a seatbelt, using a mobile phone whilst driving/riding, not wearing safety gear while riding, etc.
  • Promote actions that can be taken to prevent road traffic injuries
  • Promote local production of films in view of a Mauritian Film Industry pertaining to road safety.
  • Promote creativity, and ingenuity and discover new local talents in relation to road safety themes.
  • Give a new boost in using VFX for local production in the film industry.
  • Support the film industry and Slam Community in Mauritius.


In order to infuse the Slam Competition with above insights, disciplines such as emotional, economics, social psychology damages, road users’ behavior, attitude and road safety education should be highlighted.


  • Emotional Damages

Road accidents often do more than just the cause of financial losses, property damage, or physical injuries. They also cause emotional damages as well. A person who is involved in a car accident may have fears about getting in a car again, may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or may develop other emotional problems, such as depression, due to the loss of our live ones, injuries, financial losses, and more. Emotional damages are more common in accidents where injuries are severe.


  • Death of a Loved One

The most tragic thing that can result from a road accident is wrongful death leading to decrease in one standard of living and depression. This burden creates enormous economic hardship due to the loss of family breadwinners. Losing our loved ones in accidents is the biggest shock…. let us save them, let us be more responsible


  • Loss of Job Following a Road Accident

One may lose his job after a road accident because he/she is injured or are emotionally unprepared to return. Missed time from work may jeopardize once employment and result in lost wages, which lead to a financial burden on the family.


  • Loss of Ability to Do Everyday Things After Road Accident

If one is injured, physically or psychologically, his/her ability to do everyday things, including your hobbies and most-enjoyed activities, may be impaired. In some cases, this impairment may be permanent.


It is all about learning to be patient, learning to be respectful and make sure to make decisions that take others into consideration.

  • Be human

Enough space is granted when one passed by a car, and one always thank the driver. One raise hand and nod head. It makes the driver feel good. They did something that is worth thanking for and it should be acknowledged.

  • Don’t rage

If one is in a situation when the driver doesn’t give you enough space, don’t show frustration. It’s not going to do anything positive for anyone. The only potential outcome is that the driver will get angry and things would get worse.

  • Be thoughtful

The road isn’t yours and you should share it. Don’t ride in the middle, don’t show off. Remember you are on the loss here if you get hit by a car. Everyone will be the one in trouble. Be mindful and aware of one situation and the situation on the road.

  • Abide to road rules

Always think of your family and friends before breaking any traffic rule. Respect traffic laws.  

  • Be kind, thankful and grateful

Be grateful for your actions on the road. The responsibility of one person on road can save the lives of many others…. always abide by traffic rules for a happier and safer future.

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims reminds us that we must always be more careful and cautious when we are on road.

4. Competition Guidelines
  1. Duration : 3 minutes maximum
  2. Theme : ‘We do NOT want more victims to remember, we want to live our lives TOGETHER’
  3. Category : Performance Poetry
  4. Technical Assistance: The green room will be put at the disposal of the participants
  5. Filming : MFDC or individual
  6. Technical specificities: Cinematic Framing – Landscape
  7. Format: Broadcast Quality such as HD, MP4 amongst others
  8. Language: All spoken language in the Republic of Mauritius

There will be two voting systems as per below:

  1. Public Vote– All slams will be judged by Facebook uses through a number of LIKES received on the Facebook page of Respe: Road Safety in Mauritius.
  2. Jury Award– A panel of Jury will be constituted to judge the content, based on the following criteria:
  • Relevance
  • Originality
  • Research
  • Technical competency
  • Timeline amongst others.
5. Procedure for Participation
  1. All interested participants should fill a participation form and return it to MFDC.

6. Target Audience
    • General Public
    • Student from primary schools
    • Students of colleges in Mauritius
    • University Students
    • Local Film Makers
7. Rules and Eligibility

Content must be focused and related to the theme mentioned above.

  • Slam must NOT have been copied from the Internet/ YouTube etc.
  • The MFDC is strongly opposed to the following shooting contents which are considered illegal:
    1. of a pornographic character
    2. incitation to racial animosity
    3. Contemptuous to any of the religious creeds established in the country
    4. on political issues
    5. with verbal abuses
    6. proper/Fair campaign should be done to promote your performance without any bribery.
    7. The poem/slam must NOT include sexist, racist, homophobic, or transphobic comments.
8. Procedure While Writing and Performing
  1. Each solo poem / slam must be of the poet’s own creation
  2. Each group poem / slam must feature the primary author of the poem / slam.  If more than one person is the primary author, then they all NEED to be performing the poem / slam.
  3. Memorization is required and necessary.  The poet / slammer must NOT bring any sheet of paper or chapbook to the stage or camera to read off their phone(s).
  4. Each poet / slammer gets three minutes max.
  5. The poet / slammer may use props, costumes, pre-recorded/taped music, or musical instruments while performing. MOREOVER, you are allowed to sing or beat box or make any other sounds with your body in your performance.
  6. DO NOT be bias on your content and DO NOT leave your hate at the gate.  However, anger, upset and frustration are totally legit emotions to express in your poem / slam, just be creative in how you go about doing it. But do not offend your audience.
9. Communication Strategies
  • Press Conference
  • Press Advert and Articles
  • Social media- Advert on Instagram/ Facebook/ Tik Tok
  • The Ministry of Land Transport and Light Rail and the Mauritius Film Development will be providing a workshop based on the writing and presentation of your content, before the recording of your slam /poem.
10. Expecting Participants
  • 50 to 100 Participants
11. Award Ceremony
  • Trophies and cash prize will be awarded to the best during an award ceremony.
12. Prizes
  • Jury Award

    1st Prize: Cash prize of Rs 30,000 + Trophy

    2nd Prize: Cash prize of Rs 25,000 + Shield

    3rd Prize: Cash prize of Rs 20,000 + Shield

    4th Prize: Cash prize of Rs. 15,000 + Shield

    5th Prize: Cash prize of Rs. 10,000 + Shield


  • Public Vote

    1st Prize: Cash prize of Rs 30,000 + Trophy


  • Consolation Prize

    Consolation Prizes of Rs. 5000. will be awarded 5 more participants for their efforts.

13. Calendar






Launching of  “1st Edition- Road Safety Slam Competition”

Friday 14 Oct 2022

Venue – MLT&LR


Deadline for submission of Registration Form

21 Oct 2022

16hrs at the seat of MFDC or through email


Submission of clips to MFDC                       

10 Nov 2022

16hrs at the seat of MFDC or through We-transfer


Promotion of Clips on Social Media

11 Nov – 21 Nov 2022

A minimum of 2 weeks should be provided for the campaign to be effective and well promoted by the participants.


Selection to be effected by panel of jury

22 Nov – 23 Nov 2022

At the seat of MFDC



Award Ceremony

Friday 25th November 2022

Venue: Wolmar Traffic Centre

Time: 18hrs

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