Legal Supplement made by the Minister under Section 7 of the Film Development Corporation Act 1986 provides for the following:
  1. These regulations may be cited as the Mauritius Film Development Corporation Regulations 2001.

  2. (a) Every film producer who intends to shoot a film or part of a film in  Mauritius shall apply to the Corporation for authorization.
    (b) The application shall be submitted to the Corporation –
    (i) In the case of an advertisement or commercial film- 1 week;
    (ii) In the case of a documentary film – 2 weeks;
    (iii) In the case of a feature film – 3 weeks; before shooting is due to start.
    (c) The application shall be accompanied by a synopsis of the film, detailed    information on the proposed dates and locations of shooting, the names of the crew members, and the equipment and props to be used.

  3. (a) No film producer shall start shooting a film in Mauritius before he has obtained –
    (i) The authorization of the Corporation under regulation 2
    (ii) Any permit required under any other enactment, and in particular, the appropriate permit to import any firearm, ammunition, special vehicle, electronic equipment or animal to be used as prop in the film.
    (b) The film producer shall bear any cost incurred in obtaining any prop or private facility in Mauritius.

  4. Every film producer who has obtained authorization from the Corporation under regulation 2 shall –
           (i) Submit a shooting schedule to the Corporation for approval;
           (ii) Notify the Corporation as soon as he becomes aware of any change in the shooting schedule.

  5. (a)  The Corporation shall provide coordinating support and service  to a Film Producer who starts shooting after his shooting schedule has been approved.(b) Any cost incurred in the course of the shooting of the film shall be borne by the Film producer.